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Eris is the Daughter of Chaos and Nightmare 01 of the Maken. She is the Greek and Roman Goddess of Chaos. She is the strongest warrior within the Maken ranks and is devotedly loyal to her Father; Chaos. She was dispatched by Chaos to observe Kal as he fought against Odin. After Kal’s defeat, she was ordered to partition Odin’s powers and did so. She then left the World of Eiradeyn and traveled to the World of Purim in order to create a doorway to the World of Kalan; to establish a beachhead for their own invasion of the World of Kalan. Eris fought in the War of Kalan. She battled against Kal Duran and lost to his Shi'ado Spirit Summon; Vahla. She later retreated with the rest of The Maken and was present during The Year's War.

Series Appearances

Eris first appeared in Guardian Apprentice as a villianess. She later appeared in Far Star Chronicles.

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