Eric Ryuse; Galactic Guardian

The Galactic Guardians are an inter-galactic peace force, which serves the Most High God. Aldeans call them Angels, the universe considers them vigilantes. In truth, the Galactic Guardians ,when they are in their true form; are Angels.

The Galactic Guardians have been empowered by the Most High God with limited powers. They serve and protect the universe from the forces of evil. They use their powers for good. They have infinite Spiritual energy and limited Holy (Creational) energy.

Becoming a Guardian requires a lot of training that can take hundreds of years. Since that is the case, ninety percent of the Guardians are from long lives species. In some instances, some Guardians even become Bounty Hunters. For whatever reasons, Guardians are the symbol for peace and justice throughout the universe.

While there are Guardians, there are also Ancient Guardians. Ancient Guardians are much more powerful than regular Guardians. These Guardians served God from before time was time. Unlike regular Guardians, these Guardians have unlimited Spiritual power. These Guardians are very ancient and are considered to range from Arc Angels to Seraphim. These Guardians had all the powers of a regular Guardian, plus they have their special elemental abilities.

Every Ancient Guardian has a jewel that controls certain aspects of reality, and certain elements as well. Strength, Love, Fire, Light, Darkness and Death are just to name a few. Out of 76 jewels, there are only 26 Ancient Guardians; past, present and future. The Guardian Jewel combines the Guardian with all of their universal counterparts simultaneously. So, if one of them died, the next counterpart would take his or her place; thus it was thought that the Guardian Jewel would not allow its holder to die physically, mentally or spiritually. Ancient Guardians have infinite Holy energy and infinite Spiritual energy.

In the Ancient Guardians, there are Shadow Guardians and Grey Guardians. The Shadow Guardians are Ancient Guardians with jewels that symbolize the seven deadly sins; thus making these Shadow Guardians the opposite to the Ancient Guardians that serve God. The Shadow Guardians are supposedly ruled by the Shadow Guardian of Evil; Lucifer. The Shadow Guardians have infinite Spiritual power and/or infinite Demonic power as well as infinite Creational/Uncreational energy.

The Grey Guardians are Ancient Guardians who's alignment is neutral; if not due to their personalities than due to the element they controlled. The majority of the Grey Guardians are Ancient Guardians who controlled the elements, although there are two Shadow Guardians who are considered Grey Guardians; two of which who can't be controlled by Lucifer or the Orb of Allegiance.

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