Lady Ketral

Lady Ketral is the Sorceress of Shadows. She was also the Ancient Guardian of Shadows. She was once a Shi'ado Guardsmen Commander, but she died by the hands of Vahloren, when she tried to attack him and drain his life force energy. Her soul was fueled by rage and was trapped in a Soul Card, and she became a Shadow Wraith. The Dark Army released her soul and gave her a shard of the Ancient Guardian Jewel of Shadows. At that point, she became a Lady of Darkness for the Army of Darkness and controlled the Legion of Darkness.

She hungered for vengeance against both Lord Vahloren and Princess Sakura. Employing others to do her bidding, she captured Vahloren, and then sent him into an enchanted slumber, because she couldn’t control him, even if he had another shard of the jewel.

Lady Ketral then went after Sakura, but was foiled by Gabriel Argadon. Using Lady Arien's love for Gabriel, she deceived Lady Arien into getting rid of Gabriel for her. Everyday that passed, she only grew stronger. During the end of the First Holy War, she led the Dark Army in it's campaign to control Aldea.

During her campaign, she cloned Lord Vahloren and sent his clones to do her bidding. She also impregnated herself and sired eight children from Lord Vahloren. Lord Vahloren escaped and destroyed her undead body as well as half of her legion and the clones of him for his revenge against her and the Dark Army.

The majority of her children were killed by Princess Sakura and Ancient Guardian Ayden Argadon. Ketral sent her only daughter; Kagura, to assassinate Lord Vahloren. Ketral watched as Kagura betrayed her and led Princess Sakura and Ayden Argadon into the Carlkaveria Continent. Enraged, Ketral destroyed her daughter’s soul and used her body as her new body. Ketral fought against both Princess Sakura and Ayden Argadon. Injured, she retreated to one of Aldea’s moons where she battled Lord Vahloren and was slain by him.

Series Appearances

Lady Ketral first appeared as a villianess in Aldean Chronicles. She later appears in Far Star Chronicles.

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